As well as being very tasty, honey has lots of properties that make it really good for you and sometimes it can be used to help you feel better when you are unwell.

Nature’s Energy Food

Honey contains a natural source of carbohydrates which help your body be able to run faster and for longer. The natural fruit sugars in honey consist of glucose and fructose, which makes it different to other sources of sugar. The glucose in honey is taken in by your body quickly and gives you an immediate energy boost while the fructose in it is absorbed slowly so that your body can keep going for longer. Normal sugar and things like chocolate bars give you a quick boost but then, when your body has used it all up, they make you feel more tired than before. Honey doesn’t do this as it helps keep your blood sugar levels fairly constant. To take advantage of this why don’t you:

  • Take some honey sandwiches to school to eat before P.E. or at break time when you play games.
  • Have some honey on hot toast in the morning to give you a long lasting energy boost to wake you up.
  • Add a spoon of honey to some hot water along with some cinnamon and take it as a drink while you do your homework.

A Sweet Natural Defence

Bees make honey in the spring and summer so that it will last them until after winter. This is because it is anti-bacterial and an antioxidant due to the enzymes in their stomachs they use to make it. Because of this eating honey can help fight off infections in your body. Why not try:

  • Having some honey on your cereal every morning to help protect you from nasty infections you might come into contact with during the day.
  • Mixing honey and water to drink after eating lots of rich foods to help your body flush out the bad things from them.
  • Putting honey on a cut or wound underneath a plaster. This helps by stopping infection as well as keeping your skin moist so that it can get on with healing itself.
  • Mix some honey, lemon and a pinch of salt to gargle to help soothe and protect a sore throat.

Homemade Beauty Treatment

Not only can honey make you feel better, it can make you look better as well. Some face creams contain honey because it both moisturises and cleanses the skin. It can also be used before washing your hair to keep it moisturised and shiny, some people even think that it can help prevent hair loss. If you want to treat you parents for Christmas or their birthdays why not buy, or make, some beauty products for them that contain natural honey for a super special, healthy gift?